The Jungle King (1994)

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The Jungle King

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Synopsis: The film is about an anthropomorphic lion named King Maximilian III. A grumpy, selfish and obnoxious king who rules the main part of the continent in a unpopular monarchy. He has mainly been creating all kinds of preposterous laws that have no reason to be present. His main royal servants, Chancellor Hyena (with his parrot assistant, Ricardo) and gorilla General Glump, constantly flatter and cajole towards him. Meanwhile, Max’s twin brother, Irwin, who is kind and friendly, is enjoying his life illustrating his birds. Back at the Monarchy, Both Max and Chancellor are in love with a young lioness named Leonette, whose family forces her to marry the king.
Director: Diane Eskenazi
Writers: Diane Eskenazi, Jack Olesker
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