Legend of Frosty the Snowman (2005)

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Legend of Frosty the Snowman

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Synopsis: Frosty the Snowman goes where he is needed most, and the town of Evergreen sure needs a visit. Mr. Tinkerton, the mayor, runs a tight ship, and there’s no room for talk of magic or any other such nonsense. But, when Frosty the Snowman blows through town, he shows the town’s children that magic is real. Tickerton’s sons, Charlie and Tommy, along with their friends Sarah and Walter, want to spread the word about Frosty’s fun-loving, magical antics but meets resistance from Evergreen Elementary’s dastardly principal Hank Pankley. In the end, good wins out, and all the citizens of Evergreen happily learn that magic is real and fun is for everyone!
Director: Greg Sullivan
Writer: Emily Kapnek
Stars: Grey DeLisle, Jeannie Elias, Bill Fagerbakke
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