Flying Rhino Junior High (1998–2000)


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Synopsis:Flying Rhino Junior High is one of those late nineties “educational” cartoons. As a kid I really had no idea what I was supposed to be learning, since usually the show will have a bit where the teacher with the starfish hair gives her class/you a lesson that The Phantom will eventually base his computer “hijinks” with. And I don’t care if The Phantom’s computer was magic or whatever…there is no way even in 1999 logic that a computer could do things like cause flesh and bone dinosaurs or enlarge preexisting bugs. The logic in this show is just so flawed that it hurts to think too much about it. And especially in this age of computers, some kid watching it is going to point out something like, “Wait, that’s impossible!
Stars: Richard Binsley, Ashley Brown, Len Carlson.
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