Digimon: Island of the Lost Digimon (2002)

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Digimon: Island of the Lost Digimon

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Synopsis: While traveling on Ball the Trailmon, Takuya, Koji, JP, Tommy, Zoe, Neemon, and Bokomon end up on the Wandering Island where the Human-type Digimon (led by D’Arcmon) and the Beast-type Digimon (led by HippoGryphomon) are at war with each other. Takuya and Co. befriend Bearmon (younger brother of Grizzlymon) and Kotemon (younger brother of Dinohyumon) who are friends. Takuya sides with Dinohyumon and the Human-type Digimon and Koji sides with Grizzlymon and the Beast-type Digimon. When they hear the legend that the bird Ornismon can end the war, Zoe, JP, and Tommy help Bearmon, Kotemon, and the Baby and In-Training Digimon into reassembling Ornismon’s picture. Is the legend true? And what are the connections between D’Arcmon, HippoGryphomon, and the evil Murmuxmon?
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