Class of 3000 (2006– )


Watch Class of 3000 cartoons online

Watch Class of 3000 cartoons online.
Synopsis: Sunny Bridges (or just Sunny) is among the biggest music stars of his time. However, he grew sick of the commercialism and fame that came with his craft, and longed to “follow the music” again. To find it, he traveled to his childhood neighborhood, “A-Town”, and stumbled upon the First-Year Music Class of the Westley Performing Arts Academy. The class consists of the overconfident drummer Li’l D who longs to be like Sunny, the sassy, brash and violent harpist Tamika, the geeky and “out-there” bass player Philly Phil, the ultra-rich and somewhat spoiled horn playing Eddie, the Asian twin percussionists Kim and Kam who are polar opposites of each other, and the vacantly happy violinist Madison. Sunny is impressed with their musical talents and decides to become their music teacher when the old one is sent away…to jail. Now, Sunny’s musical tutelage mixes with this “Class of 3000″‘s own unique artistic spirit to create some very weird situations!
Creators: André Benjamin, Tommy Lynch, Patric M. Verrone
Stars: André Benjamin, Small Fire, Phil LaMarr
More infor: IMDB, Wikipedia
P/s: We lost some episodes in season 2.

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