Black Jack: Two Doctors in Black (2005)

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Black Jack: Two Doctors in Black

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Synopsis: When a bomb goes off in a nearby building, the unlicensed surgeon Black Jack secures a release from jail in return for helping out at the scene. A few months later, the group that planted the bomb lure Black Jack to a mysterious island that used to be a military base. When he arrives, he is stunned to find that his patients are all infected with a new type of anthrax, but what he also discovers is that he is not the only doctor to have been called. Dr Kiriko – a renegade doctor known as Death Incarnate due to his willingness to kill his patients on request – is also there. With their differing views on medicine, Black Jack and Kiriko clash, but with both their lives at stake for knowing too much, the pair will have to work together if they want to get out of this alive.
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